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Egg decorating workshops 2022

Egg decorating workshops 2022

Buzau County Museum invites you to attend on Saturday April 16, 2022, at an egg decorating workshop in order to preserve and pass on the tradition of decorating eggs in the ethnographic area of Buzău.

During the workshop, under the guidance of the lady Mariana Trif, folk craftsman from Bisoca commune, Buzău county, and member of Buzău Association of Folk Craftsmen and Artists, participants will have the opportunity to experience the traditional technique of decorating eggs, using wax and pen.

The workshop will be organized at the headquarters of the Museum of Ethnography "Vergu-Mănăilă", between 11:00 and 13:00. The minimum age for participating in the workshops is 10 years, the number of places is limited and participation is free.

For details and appointments, please send an email to casavergumanaila@yahoo.com. For the participation of minors, it is necessary to complete a declaration on their own responsibility, according to the model below:

„The undersigned,…, domiciled in…, str…., Nr…., Bl… ap…, telephone…., E-mail…, parent / legal representative of the student… express my consent for the child's participation at the workshop… organized on… ... I declare under my own responsibility that I have been informed about the activities of the mentioned workshop. I also agree that the photos resulting from the activities should be used to promote the egg-laying workshop and on the social media channels of the Buzău County Museum and the "Vergu-Mănăilă" Ethnography Museum in Buzău. "




"Vergu Mănăilă" Museum of Ethnography

The collection is based in a historical monument building, which belonged to the Vergu-Mănăilă boyar family. Being one of the oldest preserved civil constructions in the city, mentioned in a document from 1794, the building was restored between 1971 and 1974, undergoing major repairs during 2017.

Ethnographic objects from the Buzău area are kept here, such as folk costumes, interior fabrics or household objects that reflect the traditional occupations and the spiritual and creative universe of the Romanian peasant.

Particular attention is paid to pieces of richly decorated textiles - whether we refer to the various elements of traditional costumes specific to the area, or we turn our attention to carpets, towels, wedding handkerchiefs, pillowcases or exposed covers.

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