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Caravan of Science Games


Two weeks of interaction with science at the Science Games Caravan, Buzau

Interactive exhibition and science workshops for children


Children and teachers are invited to interact differently with science in the Science Games Caravan, an interesting interactive exhibition, which will take place at the Buzău County Museum, during the period 19 - 27 April 2018, in the temporary exhibition hall.

The project is organized by Buzău County Museum, an institution operating under the authority of Buzău County Council, in partnership with the Association for Pro Knowledge and the Town of Knowledge, and aims to offer children, teachers and parents, a unique experience with science. The Science Games caravan is aimed at children from 4 to 14 years old and aims stimulating children's interest in etscienceyour etand tmbunacomplicatedtACROSSthe degree of knowledgeetby participating in exhibitionţtake it interactivecomplicated and at workshops.

The Science Games caravan comprises a mini science center, consisting of a gallery of 30 interactive exhibits illustrating in a way fun laws in physics - optics, mechanics, electricity, balance, etc. -, mathematics, geography, logic, etc. The science center's exhibition gallery includes various IQ games, Music Bank, Spoon Piano, Hanoi Tower, Distorted Mirror, interactive installation for Pythagoras' theorem, Kaleidoscope and so on By interacting with the exhibits ‑ game, children will understand the applicability of certain laws of optics, how electricity works, what you can do with air force, liquid density, why weights are perceived differently depending on the point and surface of support, how to charge a flashlight / radio without plugs as well as many other interesting phenomena.

            The Science Games will also be organized within the Caravan interactive workshops for school groups. The workshops are structured according to the age of the children and allow them to work individually on a project, while learning about certain phenomena and laws of science. Participation is made only with prior appointment at phone number 0723390449 and 0763656786.

Workshops available:

      Optical illusion or how it fools our senses (BOYS 4-8 years) - the workshop aims to explain the laws of optics and invites children to understand how optical illusions appear.

      Balancing robot (BOYS 7–10 years) - children will become familiar with the notions of balance, center of gravity and will experiment and test with the help of a robot.

      Mill of vânt (5th grade children) - we will make a foray into history and the mechanism of the windmill. The workshop will help children to build their own windmill.

      Fun chemistry & physicscomplicated (children grades VI – VIII) - ttogethercomplicated with their teachers, students will tnvACROSSI wouldcomplicated Rcomplicatedrespondcomplicated to tqUESTION like: thattcomplicated energy is tin a candy barcomplicated? Why are they sinkingcomplicated bodies? Is the smoke solid or gas? Câit will taskcomplicatedri with explainţyl etscienceţifice, but funny.

"The Science Games caravan started from the desire to offer children from as many areas of the country as possible a unique interaction with science. In recent years, a core of organizations that promote the stimulation of the interest of children, parents and teachers for science, through actions and science centers, but most are in Bucharest. We set out to meet the children in the country and offer them alternatives of knowledge through practical experiments, interactive exhibits, so that the theoretical knowledge they accumulate at school is much easier to assimilate and understand. We believe that we can bring children closer to the exact sciences, if we use the right tools ", explains Ana Maria Roată Palade, the founder of the Pro Knowledge Association and the coordinator of the project.

The access to the exhibition is made from Tuesday to Sunday, in the appointment base at the telephone number 0723 390 449 or 0763 656 786, and the ticket price is 12 lei.  

Buzău Science Games Caravan is supported by Cris Tim, Orange Romania, Rotary Club Buzău and Radio Romania Cultural.


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