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Museum Night 2018


            Buzău County Museum, a cultural institution operating under the authority of the Buzău County Council, based in Buzău, bld. Nicolae Bălcescu, no. 50, legally represented by Dr. Daniel Costache as manager announces participation in the international program Museum Night, the 2018 edition. This year, too, the program will be extensive and will include several cultural-educational and leisure events:

Night Escape, 2nd ed / the leisure trains that the people of Buzau have known since last year's edition will tie down and this year the main historical monuments on the territory of Buzău municipality: Buzău County Museum - Communal Palace - Vergu Mănăilă House - Villa Albatross, with several stopping points; also, the running schedule of the trains will be the following: May 19, 2018: 10.00 - 13.00 Crâng Park and Youth Park; 19/20 May 2018 19.00 - 01.00 on the route mentioned above.

Visiting the basic exhibitions of the Buzău County Museum from the headquarters, from 7.30 pm to 1 am:

  • Neo-Eneolithic Age in the area of the Curvature Subcarpathians;
  • Bronze Age in the area of the Curvature Subcarpathians;
  • Iron Age in the area of the Curvature Subcarpathians;
  • First Millennium Archeology;
  • Buzau Art and Culture;
  • Telephone collection;
  • Numismatics collection;
  • Upholstery and contemporary graphic art collection;
  • Marieta and Bucur Chiriac Collection;

Temporary exhibitions:

- Around the world on foot. The story of the 497 pairs of opinci;

"The secret fruit." The human soul;

At the headquarters of the Ethnography and Folk Art Collection Vergu Mănăilă, p. Warriors, no. 8, mun. Buzau, the temporary exhibition can be visited at the same time Metaphysical, signed by artist Daniela Frumușeanu.

Also the Memorial House Vasile Voiculescu, Pârscov village, Pârscov commune and the Colți Amber Museum Collection, Colți village, Colți commune can be visited after the same program.

Partners of the event: Buzău City Hall, “Alexandru Marghiloman” Cultural Center Buzău.

Admission is free.


Dr. Daniel Costache-Bolocan

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