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Women's Days at the Buzău County Museum, 6th edition

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Women's Days at the Buzau County Museum, 6th edition


Buzau County Museum, a culture and research institution operating under the authority of Buzau County Council, announces the organization of the sixth edition of the event Women's Days at the Buzau County Museum. And this year we offer you a set of exceptional cultural activities, represented by temporary thematic exhibitions. The exhibition projects dedicated to this year's Women's Day have as partners Art Expo (Latvia), the National Museum of the Alba Iulia Union and the Polish Cultural Institute in Bucharest.

Schedule of activities:

03.03.2022, 11.00 - opening of the international exhibition „Katsushika Hokusai and his circle. Masterpieces of Japanese Surimono - Hidden Beauty ”. The exhibition, which has enjoyed great success in various museums in Poland and Lithuania, is unique in many ways. Contains 51 graphic works, masterpieces of Japanese art Surimono - 51 original graphic works of the greatest masters of the art of Japanese Surimono - Katsushika Hokusai, Totoya Hokkei, Kubo Shunman, Yashima Gakutei, Yanagawa Shigenobu, Ryûryûkyo Shinsai, Katsushika Hokuun, Matora Ōishi, Kitagawa Utamaro, Utagawa Toyohiro and Utagawa Kuninao. There are also two works by the Impressionists, owned by Arsène Alexandre. The exhibition, curated by Chesauri Vasilii and Alexandru Anghel, offers the opportunity to meet original surimonos, to see their seemingly hidden beauty, as well as the processes by which they were created. Many embossing techniques and associated visual illusions, applied in surimono materials, require a focused, careful and lengthy examination of the work as a whole, but also of all its tiny nuances, each containing symbols and constantly complementing the visual sense, enriching l continuous. Surimono is Japan's unique contribution to world culture, and the exhibition demonstrates the unique versatility and beauty of the masterpieces that have survived to the present day. The exhibition will be open at the Buzău County Museum, the temporary exhibition hall on the ground floor of the building, until June 5, 2022.

04.03.2022, 11.00 - temporary exhibition "Polish and Romanian women who changed the world”, Made in collaboration with Polish Cultural Institute in Bucharest. The protagonists of the exhibition are women who have excelled in various fields, some of them dedicating their lives to the fight against communism and being repressed by the totalitarian regime. The 17 Polish and 17 Romanian women whose stories are presented in the exhibition are personalities more or less known to the general public, not to mention those who, in both countries, are indisputable symbols of success. Such a character is Romanian Elisabeta Rizea, who for years fought with the communist regime as a member of the resistance movement in the Făgăraș Mountains. The brave peasant remained faithful to her convictions, despite being imprisoned and tortured. Among the Polish heroines who fought against the communist regime was Elżbieta Zawacka, a female soldier who undertook special missions during World War II, later imprisoned by the Communists for several years, becoming one of the first two women after 1989. from the Polish Army who were promoted to the rank of general. The exhibition will be mounted on the fence of the building and can be visited until March 18, 2022.


08.03.2022, 11.00 - opening of the temporary exhibition 'Pantheon3D. Roman female deities”. The exhibition brings together 21 pieces from the heritage Alba Iulia National Union Museum and represent stone statues, bronze statuettes, votive reliefs, sconces and medallions all representing Roman female deities such as Venus, Diana, Minerva, Fortuna, Nemesis or Medusa. The exhibited artifacts come from Apulum, the largest site in Roman Dacia, an important urban and religious center of the province. The exhibition is part of a larger project Pantheon 3D implemented by the National Museum of the Union Alba Iulia which aimed at the interdisciplinary capitalization of the archaeological heritage of the Roman era through modern technology such as 3D scanning and photogrammetry, obtaining a virtual collection that can be viewed online. The exhibition will be open at the temporary exhibition hall on the second floor of the building until April 15, 2022.


Visiting hours:

  • 9:00 - 17:00 (October 1 - April 30), last entry at 16:15
  • 10:00 - 18:00 (May 1 - September 30), last entry at 17:15
  • Tuesday - Sunday: open
  • Monday: closed

The opening of the exhibitions will be broadcast live on the Facebook pages of our institution

On public opening days, public access will be free.

We look forward to seeing you at the museum!




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The permanent exhibitions were opened here in 1980-1981, being subsequently modified and updated in 1986, 1990, 1999-2001, 2004, 2015-2017. The newest project was implemented after the complete restoration of the building (carried out in the period 2010-2015, based on the financing of 36,906,590 lei / 8,201,464 Euros offered through the Regional Operational Program 2007-2013).

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