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International Children's Day at the Buzău County Museum, ed. a III

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Buzău County Museum, a cultural institution operating under the authority of the Buzău County Council, based in Buzău, Bld. Nicolae Bălcescu, no. 50, legally represented by Dr. Daniel Costache, as Manager announces the implementation of cultural and educational activities within the program International Children's Day at the Buzau County Museum, ed. a III. On this occasion, the following events will take place:

  • Asphalt drawing competition / in the inner courtyard of the Buzău County Museum. The theme of this year's contest is My childhood and her games - Now 09.30;
  • Opening of the temporary exhibition "Dacians and Romans in miniature" / model exhibition, organized in partnership with the National Museum of the Union Alba Iulia; the opening will take place on June 1, time 10.30, at the headquarters of the Buzău County Museum;
  • campaign Donate a toy too which will start on May 29, 2018, organized in partnership with the Buzău County Gendarme Inspectorate, in which all those who want to donate a toy for institutionalized children can do so at the Buzău County Museum during business hours;
  • The contest for families Identifies the object, a program dedicated especially to families - starting with the hour 10.00;

For entries in the asphalt drawing competition and for participating in the program Find the object that is not in place please call 0238 710 561 (Buzău County Museum secretariat).

Partners: Buzău County Gendarmerie Inspectorate, Alba Iulia National Union Museum.

Access to all these activities is FREE.

We are waiting for you!

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