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Open Day on the Pietroasa Mică - Gruiu Dării archeological site

Press release


Buzău County Museum, a cultural institution operating under the authority of the Buzău County Council, based in Buzău, Bld. Nicolae Bălcescu, no. 50, Buzău County, legally represented by Dr. Daniel Costache as Manager, announces the organization of the activity Open Day on the Pietroasa Mică - Gruiu Dării archeological site, com. Pietroasele, Tuesday, August 7, 2018, between 10:00 - 16:00, in the commune of Pietroasele.

On this day you can visit the archeological site, specialists of the Buzău County Museum, researchers and museographers, offering guides to all those who dare to climb the hill of the Dacian fortress. Situations of archaeological interest such as traces of houses, outbuildings and other home arrangements from the Neolithic to the Iron Age can be seen.

There will also be a mini-exhibition of artifacts recently discovered by Buzau archaeologists.

Access to these activities is free.

We invite you to participate in large numbers!

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