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Romanian Village Day, 2nd edition, 2021


Romanian Village Day, second edition, 2021


Buzau County Museum, a cultural and research institution operating under the authority Buzau County Council, based in Buzau, Chestnut Alley, no. 1, Buzău County, announces the resumption of the event Romanian Village Day, second edition, 2021.

Although the unfavorable epidemiological situation led to the suspension of the organization of the event on October 10, 2021, the decision was made to celebrate Romanian Village Day, 2nd edition, with a program adapted to the new context. Therefore, on November 9, 2021, the Buzău County Museum will mark the event with the temporary exhibition The craft of painting with natural elements, between traditional and contemporary, which will take place at the headquarters Museum of Ethnography Vergu-Mănăilă from the street Warriors, no. 8, mun. Buzau. Following a responsible conduct regarding the limitation of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the opening of the exhibition will take place online, and the visit of the exhibition can be done, later, only in compliance with the health regulations in force.

We remind you that the exhibition includes textile pieces decorated by the traditional dyeing technique with dyeing plants and by the unique technique of printing plants on textile materials (eco-printing). On the occasion of this exhibition, it will be possible to admire object books, samples and tinctorial plants, used in the craft of painting.

The exhibited works were made by: visual artist Assoc. Dr. Daniela Frumușeanu, National University of Arts Bucharest, master buiangiu and promoter of plant painting Dr. Ana Ursescu, visual artist Nicoleta Bică Bucșaru, visual artist Dana Dincă, visual artist Ramona Șercăianu. The organizers of the exhibition want to draw attention to the fact that the traditional method of dyeing textiles with the help of plants, frequently used in the rural world, was ecological, sustainable and efficient.

The opening of the exhibition The craft of painting with natural elements, between traditional and contemporary will take place Tuesday, November 9, starting at 11:00, without public participation, and can be viewed on Ethnography Museum Facebook page Vergu-Mănăilă. Public access will be possible starting at 12:00, after the opening of the opening.

Access is free on the day of the event.

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Manager Dr. Daniel Costache

"Vergu Mănăilă" Museum of Ethnography

The collection is based in a historical monument building, which belonged to the Vergu-Mănăilă boyar family. Being one of the oldest preserved civil constructions in the city, mentioned in a document from 1794, the building was restored between 1971 and 1974, undergoing major repairs during 2017.

Ethnographic objects from the Buzău area are kept here, such as folk costumes, interior fabrics or household objects that reflect the traditional occupations and the spiritual and creative universe of the Romanian peasant.

Particular attention is paid to pieces of richly decorated textiles - whether we refer to the various elements of traditional costumes specific to the area, or we turn our attention to carpets, towels, wedding handkerchiefs, pillowcases or exposed covers.

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