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com. Pârscov, Buzău county, Romania

"Vasile Voiculescu" Memorial House, Pârscov

Located at approx. 32 kilometers from the county seat, in the picturesque setting of Buzău Valley, the memorial house in Pârscov recreates the family atmosphere in which the well-known Romanian poet, playwright, publicist and publisher was born and spent a good part of his life.

Rebuilt from the ground up in the 1980s, the house follows the original construction plan that belonged to the writer's family. The exhibition space is thematically organized, the rooms rendering aspects and moments of Vasile Voiculescu's private life and professional activity.

The atmosphere of the late nineteenth century and the first decades of the next century is reconstructed on the basis of original furniture and numerous ethnographic pieces. The letters, facsimiles, photographs, numerous exhibits present here evoke the writer's family life, his childhood at home, his studies, his marriage, his work as a doctor and his literary career, his friendship with personalities from the cultural world, such as Alexandru Vlahuţă or Tudor Vianu.

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