Buzău County Museum website

8 St. Warriors , Buzau, Romania

"Vergu Mănăilă" Museum of Ethnography

The collection is based in a historical monument building, which belonged to the Vergu-Mănăilă boyar family. Being one of the oldest preserved civil constructions in the city, mentioned in a document from 1794, the building was restored between 1971 and 1974, undergoing major repairs during 2017.

Ethnographic objects from the Buzău area are kept here, such as folk costumes, interior fabrics or household objects that reflect the traditional occupations and the spiritual and creative universe of the Romanian peasant.

Particular attention is paid to pieces of richly decorated textiles - whether we refer to the various elements of traditional costumes specific to the area, or we turn our attention to carpets, towels, wedding handkerchiefs, pillowcases or exposed covers.

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