The collection of contemporary Romanian art Bucur and Marieta Chiriac represents one of the most important donations offered to the Romanian state, after the revolution of 1989 and the largest art donation made to the city of Buzău to date. It is difficult to summarize in just a few words all the work and passion of the Marieta and Bucur Chiriac collectors, as it is not easy to understand all the struggle and search, the paths they took to form this majestic collection.

The entire exhibition is cleverly orchestrated from the entrance, through showcases with albums and personal books, the bronze-cast bust of Bucur Chiriac as well as a lot of diplomas and distinctions that tell the story of the Marieta and Bucur Chiriac family.

In order to prove that folk art is the root from which Romanian artists are inspired, objects of folk art were displayed in the shop window and in front of the door: ceramics, plates and cups, wooden cutlery, masks made by craftsman Nicolae Pană, eggs decorated with beautiful popular geometric motifs, carved chairs, values that Marieta and Bucur Chiriac have collected for a lifetime.

The exhibition is a means of education, of the aesthetic taste of the spectator, to a large extent already educated by the contact with the popular art from the Romanian area and the universal art. The paintings have as their theme, through original approaches of the exhibiting artists, different facts from people's lives, a succession of contemporary or legendary episodes, portraits, historical events or capturing children in the joy of the game, the embodiment of seasons, birds, animals and vegetation.

This valuable collection is important in that it capitalizes, with the means of contemporary art, a true treasure trove of ideas, feelings and intuitions about the world and life of this talented Romanian people.

Academic attire and artistic rigor stand out in every work regardless of work technique. By restoring the scheme of constituting the folk ornament, designed in three-dimensional space, a great exhibiting sculptor, Ion Irimescu creates a modern style, just as in the only tapestry in the exhibition entitled Friends signed by the famous artist Cela Nemţu strives to decipher in its chromatic language , the spirituality of the popular bark, or of the beautiful popular motifs.

Having as a starting point the folk creation, in the chromatics or its ornamental motifs, a series of painters manage to obtain imagistic syntheses, with a pleasant visual effect.

Among the painters of the middle generation of the twentieth century, who add new elements to the old traditions, thus striving for an art that organically incorporates in its substance the language conquests of the modern era, present paintings with robust aesthetic thinking, combining rigor with sensitivity in their paintings. artists such as Alexandru Ciucurencu, Ion Pacea, Brăduţ Covaliu, Sabin Bălaşa, Dan Hatmanu, Gheorghe Ciobanu, Teodor Bogoi, Petre Abrudan, Ştefan Câlţia, Ion Grigore, George Apostu and many others.

Together with them, the young hopes that the painter Valeriu Şuşnea and the sculptor Dan Drăghiciu, belonging to the new generations who set out to achieve a superior synthesis between the spiritual dowry of our people, crystallized in the succession of centuries and what is real progress in the evolution of art.


The painter Dan Hatmanu, a good friend of the Marieta and Bucur Chiriac family from a young age and being par excellence a portraitist, made portraits of his friends, painting Bucur Chiriac with a statuary, solid and monumental silhouette, a possible Don Quixote from La Mancha, next to his Dulcinea dressed in a medieval medieval costume, wonderful portraits that we see at the entrance to the exhibition. The painter Dan Hatmanu - a keen analyst of human psychology, knew how to interpret the inner desire of his friends, proposing an original meditation of philosophical vision on man and his condition.


The exhibition shows the presence of paintings by artists of all generations who exhibit two or more works, forming true micro - collections within the Marieta and Bucur Chiriac Contemporary Art Collection.

The collection of houses and churches painted in his unmistakable style by the painter Ion Grigore is special and beautiful. These favorite subjects, chosen by Ion Grigore, cultivate the national tradition, as well as the modern one in an original formula. First of all, the knowledge of popular traditions created the possibility of authentic renewals, new conquests in expression, visible in all his paintings.

The impetuous transformation of contemporary Romanian painting and the metamorphoses it received in the last decades of the twentieth century pulverized the canons of a secular European art, an aspect that is far from over.

The entire Marieta and Bucur Chiriac Art Collection expresses the richness of the Romanian spirit and its harmonious beauty in each exhibited work, to transmit to us this spiritual complexity so that the whole viewer can receive it in his soul, becoming himself loving and generous.

© Buzău County Museum