Annals of Buzău VI

30,00 she


Year of publication: 2014.

298 pages



HISTORY Alexandru GAIŢĂ The elders of the curvature and their processes V Aurelian DAMIAN Constantin Brâncoveanu or the becoming of man and / or / even Ruler in Holiness Daniela LUPU „Hair with Price”. Notes on books and other testimonies about the plague in Buzău county (1719-1829) Sorin GEACU Two documents regarding the Poiana Mărului monastery Ilie MÂNDRICEL A few tourist landmarks. (Bozioru commune, Buzău county) Marius NECULAE 1889-1890: News from Râmnicu Sărat in Gazeta Săteanului Relu STOICA A protest of plum growers (1928) Relu STOICA A document (1937) Constantin I. STAN Furu Mare - Racoviţeni - Viziru fortified line . Battle of Râmnicu 1916 (documentary contributions) Viorel GHEORGHE Soviet commandos in action behind the Romanian front 1941-1942 Marius Adrian NICOARA Romanian Royal Military Air Force under national military command, in actions to defend the national airspace (August 23 - September 9, 1944) , Paul Iulius NEGOIŢĂ „Saint Andrew the Apostle” Church from Buzău. Monument of contemporary religious art ETHNOGRAPHY Roxana VIŞAN Ia de Râmnic. Basic element in the folk costume from the ethnographic area on the Râmnicului Valley Angela CRISTINESCU Material and spiritual culture on the Buzău Valley ART Rodica Viorica GHEORGHE-TACHE Presentation of the Romanian contemporary tapestry exhibition organized at the Bucharest Parliament Palace CONSERVATION Lucia Maria DUMA Colors and colors


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