Annals of Buzău VII

27,00 she


Year of publication: 2015

365 pages



HISTORY prof. Ilie MÎNDRICEL Writers of documents in Buzău prof. Constantin COMAN Buzăul - commercial and cultural center of Wallachia Alexandru GAIȚĂ The elders of curvature and their processes (VI) Fr. Prof. Dr. Paul Iulius NEGOIŢĂ Pharmacy and cartography. A history in images of the pharmacies from Muntenia Marius NECULAE Seven monuments and commemorative plaques from Râmnicu Sărat dr. STAN Alexandru Marghiloman and the beginning of the First World War. Sinaia Crown Council (July 21 / August 3, 1914) Mădălina OPREA The globe-trotter route Dumitru Dan (1914-1916) Vasile-Virgil COMAN The anti-aircraft defense system in the Mizil area between 1943-1944 Ștefania Ramona STUPINARU Sergeant Ionel Şte in oral memory ETHNOGRAPHY Roxana VIȘAN The evolution of the popular folk costume of Râmnicu Sărat over time RESTORATION Daniela ȘTEFAN Restoration of a bowl-type piece ART Dr. Rodica Viorica TACHE GHEORGHE Project proposed for the permanent exhibition of decorative art and art of art J 2015


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