Annals of Buzau XIII

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Dr. Nicolae MORARU, Constantin COMAN Bishop Chesarie of Buzau - illustrious representative of the time 7
dr. Constantin I. STAN, Alexandru GAIŢĂ - Teodor Diamant Teodor Diamant - Mehtupciu and the phalanster from Scaieni 35
Alexandru GAIȚĂ The Elders of Curvature and Their Processes (XII) 49
Andreea STANCIU The peace treaties from San Stefano and Berlin in the caricatures of the Romanian magazine
of satire "Thorns"
Dr. Constantin I. STAN Alexandru Marghiloman - Crown Council of 14/27 August 1916 and
Romania's entry into the war on the side of the Entente
Dr. Laurențiu-Ștefan SZEMKOVICS Decoration awarded to the first president of the Buzău tribunal (1922)163
Dr. Sorin CRISTESCU Queen Maria 's account of Princess Ileana' s marriage plan with
Count Alexander von Hochberg (January - February 1930)
Madalina OPREA Foaia Poporului - "Astra" newspaper for peasants (1943-1944) 225
Valeriu NICOLESCU, Viorel FRÎNCU The dress, traditions and customs of the Bulgarians from Buzau 257
Marius Gabriel NECULAE Some considerations on women imprisoned in the Râmnicu penitentiary
Salty (1862-1947)
Daniel DRÂMBU The "Dumitru Dan" collection from the patrimony of the Buzău County Museum. Analyze
and development proposals