The medieval cemetery from Piatra Neamț - Dărmănești

20,00 she

by Daniel Garvăn, Silviu-Constantin CEAUȘU, George-Dan Hânceanu, Vasilica-Monica Groza, Lucian Munteanu - about preventive research in 2012.

Ed.Cetatea de Scaun, 2015




Preface (A. Frînculeasa) INTRODUCTION (D. Garvan) SQUARKS FROM PIATRA NEAMT - DARMANESTI (D. Garvan, S. Ceausu, G. Hânceanu) Site presentation Research history Preventive research in 2012 Research methodology; description of excavations MEDIEVAL PIATRA NEAMT-DARMANESTI CEMETERY (D. Garvan, S. Ceausu, G. Hânceanu) General data about the cemetery Catalog of graves INVENTORY OF TOMBS RESEARCHED IN THE 2012 CAMPAIGN (S. Ceausu, D. Garvan) COINS DISCOVERED IN CIM PIATRA NEAMT - DARMANESTI (JUD. NEAMT) (L. Munteanu) PALEOANTHROPOLOGICAL DATA REGARDING THE OSTEOLOGICAL MATERIAL FROM PIATRA NEAMT - DARMANESTI (V.-M. Groza, A. Simalcsik) Study material and methods Study CONCLUSION (D. Garvan) ANNEX 1 Piatra Neamt - Darmanesti (campaign 1957) Piatra Neamt - Darmanesti (campaign 1958) ANNEX 2 Piatra Neamt - Darmanesti (campaign 1968) THE MEDIEVAL CEMETERY FROM PIATRA NEAMT - DARMANESTI. THE RESCUE ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESEARCH CONDUCTED IN 2012. Abstract (D. Garvan, translated by Bianca Preda) LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS BIBLIOGRAPHY ABBREVIATIONS ILLUSTRATION


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