Mousaios II

Vol. II

Year of publication: 1978.




Alexandru Oancea and Vasile Drîmbocianu Contacts between the Monteoru culture and groups of North Pontic populations, in the light of the discoveries from Buzau county Gion D. Ionescu Copper ax from Calvini Florence Preda during the migrations, discovered in Balta Alba, Buzau county Vasile Drîmbocianu Archaeological rescue excavations from the feudal necropolis from the point "Balastiera" (Buzau-east) Mariana Negut An original document from Serban Cantacuzino (1682) Aneta Boiangiu School and monastery from Menedicu , from VintilaVoda commune Eugenia Stoica Aspects of social life reflected in a document from Alexandru Moruzzi Liuba Iancovici The first stone bridge in Tara Româneasca, built in 1831, at Gura Cîlnaului, Buzau Pantelimon Dascalu Aspects of Buzau's military contribution to the Valeriu war of independence Avram From the history of oil exploitation in Buzau county (1900-1940) Gavril Fulgeris Local press about the great peasant uprising of 1907 Dumitru Sandru Considerations regarding the structure of land and rural property in the former Buzau county, in the twentieth century Nicolae Vrapciu Constantin Cristea Buzau County in insurrection Valeriu Nicolescu The political and socio-economic situation of Buzau County in the period 1945 - 1947


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