Mousaios IX

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Vol. IX

Year of publication: 2004


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 ARCHEOLOGY Eugen - Marius CONSTANTINESCU, Laurentiu GRIGORAS Archaeological research from Gheraseni „Grindul Crafna” (Campaigns 2002 - 2003) Ion MOTZOI-CHICIDEANU, Dorin SÂRBU, Mihai CONSTANTINESCU, Nicu SULTANA The cemetery from the Bronze Age from La C) Tiberiu VASILESCU Two Bronze Age complexes discovered in Cârlomanesti - „La Arman” Valentin DUMITRASCU, Adrian BALASESCU Fauna from the archeological complexes from Cârlomanesti - Armanu (Buzau county) Ion MOTZOI-CHICIDEANU Remarks on the Eugene cemetery from the Bronze Age Marius CONSTANTINESCU, Mihaela Denisia LIUSNEA, Gabriel STAICUT, Laurentiu GRIGORAS Archaeological site Pietroasele Campania 2003 Boris MAGOMEDOV Thracians and Slavs in the western areas of Chernyahov culture - Sântana de Mures Dan Gh. TEODOR Again about the domination of Bulgaria north of the Lower Danube IS Vrancea Country. Country of Miorita Ilie MÂNDRICEL Bringing Paul Iulius NEGOITA The wooden church from Soresti village (Blajani commune, Buzau county) Daniela LUPU, Paul Iulius NEGOITA Notes on old books of the Buzau Diocese Alexandru GAITA material of Buzau county at the War of Independence Constantin I. STAN Alexandru Candiano-Popescu and the War for the Conquest of the State Independence of Romania (1877 - 1878) Doina CIOBANU Different facets of the politician Alexandru Marghiloman (1854 February 9 - 1925 May 10) Elena GHEORGHE Cholera epidemic (1913). Case study: Buzau - Gorj Constantin COMAN Movement of goods and people Mihaela - Denisia LIUSNEA Romania's position on the Locarno Pact Adrian CONSTANTIN The urban space of Buzau. Possible thematic approaches Ion COSTEA The legionary movement in Râmnicu Sarat (1928-1936) Adolf MINUT General Nicolae Dascalescu (II) Madalina OPREA The military status of the Jews in Romania during 1940 - 1944. The compulsory labor detachments formed by the Jews from Buzau Viorel GHEORGHE Romania under the bomb Soviet aviation July 1, 1941- August 1943 Constantin I. STAN, Alexandru GAITA Polish refugees in Râmnicu Sarat and Buzau counties (1940-1941). Documentary contributions Marius-Adrian NICOARA Buzau School of Navigating Non-Commissioned Officers 1941-1945 Gheorghe BUZATU A forgotten diplomat - Vasile Stoica Cristina BADARA The stages of translating the Iliad in correspondence George Murnu - Ioan Bogdan Maria DUMITRACHE History of the Râmnicu-Sarat Municipal Museum CONSERVATION - RESTORATION Lucia-Maria DUMA Marama. Conservation - restoration issues Petronela FOTEA Silver. The church. Luminita TOADER-ISPIRESCU Art Museum Short chronology of the “Margareta Sterian” Art High School Buzau OBITUARY Eugenia ZAHARIA Ligia Bârzu - December 25, 1930 - May 22, 2003


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