Mousaios V

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Year of publication: 1999

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 ARCHEOLOGY - OLD HISTORY EUGEN - MARIUS CONSTANTINESCU, STANICA PANDREA Archaeological research from Pietrosu - Costesti, Buzau county. 1998 VASILE HAHEU Campaign About the “vitrified” waves at the Thracian - Getic fortifications east of the Carpathians EUGEN - MARIUS CONSTANTINESCU Aspects regarding the evolution of the northeast of Muntenia in the 2nd - 11th centuries AD. Considerations based on the analysis of fortuitous discoveries from Buzau county ION TENTIUC, ALEXANDRU POPA Some considerations regarding the cave dwellings in Moldova to be immersed in the IV - XIII centuries ALEXANDRU POPA Regarding the problem of fortified settlements in the area of culture Sântana de Mures - Chernjahov DAN GH. THEODOR Nomadic elements from the 6th - 8th centuries AD in the eastern and southern regions of the Carpathians VICTOR I. TEODORESCU, VASILE I. DUPOI, MARINELA JIBOTEAN PENES, GHEORGHE PANAIT Budureasca. Ancient and steady hearth of civilization at the origins of the Romanian people. Archaeological researches from 1983 regarding the extra-Romanian complexes of Ipotesti - Cîndesti type (5th-7th centuries AD) (prior part) MIHALACHE BRUDIU DOINA CIOBANU Salt and salt water exploitation on the Carpathian-Danubian territory in the 1st - 13th centuries MODERN HISTORY - CONTEMPORARY HISTORY ILIE MÎNDRICEL Spring, the season of agricultural agreements TUDOR MATEESCU From the connections of Buzau and Donati sanitary activity in Buzau county 1792 - 1940 VALERIU NICOLESCU The Marghiloman and Buzaul family VALERIU NICOLESCU Nine unique photographic images from the album magistrate Ion Popescu - Baldovin made by Carol Szathmari COSTEL IORDACHITA From the diplomatic activity of the conservator Alexandru N. Lahovari Judea I Buzau, at first of our century. The village settlers. VALERIU NICOLESCU, CONSTANTIN I. STAN German occupation in Buzau county. December 1916 - October 1918 CONSTANTIN I. STAN The internal policy of the government led by Alexandru Marghiloman. March - October 1918 VERONICA NISTOR Companies and associations from Buzau. Flags and medals from the collection of the Buzau County Museum CONSTANTIN I. STAN, ALEXANDRU GAITA Bessarabian pages in Buzau archives. 1940 RELU STOICA The boys' industrial high school in Buzau during the transformations. 1948 - 1955 GEORGE VIOREANU George Panu. Democratic radicalism - liberal or argument from the last century for the failure of liberalism in the twentieth century: fascism and communism MEDALISTICA VERONICA NISTOR Buzau mirrored in medalism GEOLOGY VIRGIL GHIURCA OLD DANIELA LUPU Foreign book printed in the 18th century from the library of the “BP Hasdeu” college (catalog) MARIA DANILOV Circulation of the book by Buzau in Bessarabia. Reconstructions MIHAELA BOLDEANU The book of Buzau from the inventories of the Vrancea museum and from the central depository of cults DANIELA LUPU Translations published between 1834 - 1846 at the printing house of the diocese of Buzau Slanicului. Ethnographic subject DOINA CIOBANU Church from Jetu, Nehoiu commune, a masterpiece of popular creation ANA DICU Wooden monuments from Buzau county EUGEN BÂZGU Underground mills with stables from Bessarabia VARVARA BUZILA The gift of bread requested by children ARTA RODICA gravar Aman in the collection of the Buzau County Museum RODICA GHEORGHE TACHE A decorative art room in a museum of the future. Verre VARIA IOAN OPRIS Where did the publications of the Historical Monuments Commission ARCADIU MARINESCU - NOUR reach Folk motifs in V. Voiculescu's dramaturgy CONSERVATION - RESTORATION CRISTINA BREZOIANU Light - important microclimate factor influencing the conservation of national cultural heritage preservation of precious, semiprecious and decorative stones LUCIA MARIA DUMA Restoration of a carpet from the folk art collection “Casa Vergu Manaila” LIANA STRATAN - DUPONT Manufacturing defects - problem of porcelain restoration SIMONA CIURILA GAGESCU From “Piticul din Gradina de Varaor” to Cofet ANA DICU Measures to eradicate the “merullius lacrymans” fungus at Gavanu Hermitage, Mânzalesti commune


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