Mousaios VI

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Year of publication: 2001



 ARCHEOLOGY - OLD HISTORY Mihalache BRUDIU A controversial issue in Romanian archeology: phalloi or blowing tubes for bellows Eugen PAVELET Gumelnite tools discovered in the settlement of Mariuta, Belciugatele commune, Calarasi county Vasile URSACHI Sec. Sebastian MATEI Getic cult buildings in Muntenia and southern Moldova Eugen-Marius CONSTANTINESCU Another tomb with weapons discovered at Pietroasele Ioan MITREA The oldest portrait of Christ in the eastern Carpathian area of ancient Dacia Mihaela-Denisia LIUSNEA Roman fortifications and military units at Lower Danube in the period between the reigns of Diocletian and Justinian Valentin Alexei Alexei CONSTANTINOV John of Ephesus and the historical realities of the Balkan Peninsula in the sixth century Dan Gh. TEODOR Preliminaries of the old Romanian culture Doina CIOBANU military of the Carpatho-Danubian space (1st - 13th centuries AD r) MEDIEVAL HISTORY Ilie MÂNDRICEL Sf. Gheorghe - former foundation of Mihai Viteazul Ilie MÂNDRICEL „Pis Balea logofat” Mihaela –Denisia LIUSNEA A missing monument - Monastery of St. MM Gheorghe from Galati Daniela LUPU A unique document from Radu Leon (1668) Florica ICHIM, Dorinel ICHIM Ocnele from Trotus between legend and history MODERN HISTORY Dumitra BULEI A manuscript from the beginning of the 19th century in the old book depository of Dealu Maria DANILOV monastery Biblical movement in Bessarabia. Missionary aspects (1817 - 1826) Daniela LUPU Manuscript manuals used at the Theological Seminary in Buzau between 1842-1846 Alexandru GAITA Pasoptist pages of Buzau (I) Constantin I. STAN Actions of Buzau in support of the war for the conquest of state independence of Romania (1877 - 1878) George VIOREANU George Panu and his radicalism - a model of the Romanian liberalism from the end of the 19th century Valeriu NICOLESCU From the past of viticulture on Buzau lands Valeriu NICOLESCU Râmnicu education. Beginnings and evolution CONTEMPORARY HISTORY Costica PRODAN Romania in the period preceding the war for national liberation and integration (1916 - 1919). Geopolitical and geostrategic considerations Constantin I. STAN The political - diplomatic preliminaries of the peace from Buftea - Bucharest. The Racaciuni meeting. King Ferdinand - Ottokar Czernin (February 14/27, 1918) Elena ARTIMON Bacau County in the First World War. Economic and military contribution Viorica ZGUTTA CRISTEA Constantin Prezan, knight of the "Mihai Viteazul" order Valeriu AVRAM Buzau and Romanian aeronautics in the first decades of the 20th century Constantin I. STAN Dr. Constantin Angelescu and the drama of Greater Romania in the summer of 1940 Alexandru GAITA , Viorel GHEORGHE Informative and counter - informative actions in Buzau (1940 - 1941) Alexandru GAITA, Constantin I. STAN Soviet occupation army on the territory of the former Buzau county (1944 - 1945). Documentary contributions Marius NICOARA Administrative problems determined by the application in the Buzau county of the armistice convention ETHNOLOGY Eugen BÂZGU The “beginning - end” archetype and its semantic connotations in the popular thinking Filofteia PALLY Fundamental geometric symbols NUMISMATICA - MEDALISTICA Ana DICU XVI-XVII discovered in Râmnicu Sarat Aurel VÎLCU, Ana DICU A monetary treasure discovered in Maxenu, Tintesti commune, Buzau county Veronica NISTOR A commemorative medal "Napoleon Bonaparte" from the collection of the Buzau Veronica NISTOR County Museum Buzau ARTA Rodica GHEORGHE - TACHE The directory of book links that are part of the decorative art heritage of the Buzau County Museum Georgeta HLIHOR Three tapestries by Ileana Balota in the Buzau County Museum DRAGANESCU Geol Buzau county restaurant RESTORATION - CONSERVATION Liana DUPONT Restoration of open, closed and hermetic forms Ana DICU Conservation problems at the iconostasis of the church Buna - Vestire Banu from Buzau Ana DICU Conservation measures and restoration proposals of the flag "Sons defenders of the homeland" from the collection Buzau county REVIEWS Ioan Mitrea The settlement from sec. VI - IX from Izvoare-Bahna, Piatra-Neamt, 1998 (Eugen-Marius CONSTANTINESCU)


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