Mousaios XIV

35,00 she

Vol. XIV,

Year of publication: 2009.




Introducere Introduction Sándor BERECKI, The Environment and landscape of the Celtic Settlements and Cemeteries from Transylvania Jan BOUZEK, Early Celtic rich graves in Bohemia: parallels to aristocracies with the Geti and Thracians and the eastern impact in the rise of the Early La Tène art Elena FIALKO , Amazons' burials in the lands of Steppe Scythia Lyubava KONOVA, The city of Apollonia Pontica and its necropolis Marija LJUŠTINA, Katarina DMITROVIC, Landmarks of Memory - Notes on Iron Age Tumuli Topography in Cacak Region, Serbia Sebastian MATEI, Habitation structures and funerary discoveries in the Buzau Sub-Carpathians area, in the 8th-3rd centuries BC Ion NICULITA, Tudor ARNAUT, The ratio of spatial location between habitat and necropolis sites in Thrace from the 1st millennium BC. J.- C. Valeriu SÎRBU, Geto-Dacian Settlements and Necropolises: Three Case Studies (Olteni, Coslogeni, Hunedoara) Sergey SKORY, Vladimir ROMASHKO, On one aspect of Scythian dynastic history Dan STEFAN, Geophysics as an aid in funerary site intepretation Maria -Magdalena STEFAN, Exploring Second Iron Age Landscapes. The necropolis from Zimnicea, Teleorman County Aris TSARAVOPOULOS, Evangelos KROUSTALIS, Embracement of the Dead in the liveliest City of Classical Greece. The Evidence from the Late Classical Cemetery of Ayios Dionysios in Piraeus Silvia TEODOR, Ritual Practices in Necropolis and Geo-Dacian Settlements East of the Carpathians


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