Mousaios XIX

40,00 she

Vol.XIX, 2014



Valeriu SÎRBU, Sebastian MATEI AVANT-PROPOS Alexandru BERZOVAN, Dorel MICLE, Andrei STAVILĂ, Cristian FLOCA, Octavian ROGOZEA The Dacian ritual pits from Unip - „Dealu Cetățuica” Florina Panait BÎRZESCU, Iulian BÎRZESCU The Western and the Thracians Cristina BODÓ, Temples of the Orăștie Mountains Davide DELFINO, Eliana PICCARDI, Kewin PECHE-QUILICHINI, Angiolo DEL LUCCHESE Second Iron Age human landscapes in the Northern Tyrrenian Sea area: updated analysis between Liguria and Corsica Manuel FERNÁNDEZ-GÖTZ Sanctuaries and ancestor worship at the origin of the oppida Gelly FRAGOU A residential provincial center in the south-western Peloponnese, in Greece, and its domestic cult places Alexey GOTZEV, Vyara PETROVA Emporion Pistiros and organization of its layout Jannis KOZATSAS, Gioria PANAGOPOULOU, Maria HOLEVA, Charoula MOUTSIOU, Aris TSARAVOPOULOS The sanctuary of “Apollon Aegileas” on Antikythera, greece people and myth on the crossroads of piracy and cult Evangelos S. KROUSTALIS, Aris TSARAVOPOULOS Excavation of a hilltop sanctuary on the actopolis of Antikythera: a preliminary report Sebastian MATEI, Despina MĂGUREANU Public space - private space in the dava of Cârlomăneşti, Buzău County Despina MĂGUREANU Considerations on certain types public edifices investigated at Cârlomăneşti (Buzău County) Ion NICULIŢĂ, Aurel ZANOCI, Mihail BĂŢ Administrative, religious and cult centers in the East-Carpathian area during the 2nd half of the 1st millennium BC Done ŞERBĂNESCU, Cristian SCHUSTER, Alexandru MORINTZ The getic dava from Radovanu (Călăraşi County, Romania) and their cultic places Valeriu SÎRBU, Diana DĂVÎNCĂ The “fields of pits” in the Geto-Dacian area (4th c. BC - 1st c. AD). Sacred or profane spaces? Valeriu SÎRBU, Sebastian MATEI, Maria-Magdalena ŞTEFAN, Dan ŞTEFAN The Geto-Dacian cult place from Pietroasa Mică - Gruiu Dării, Buzău County (Romania) Aris TSARAVOPOULOS Establishing a democratic city-state. (The great archaic funerary monuments of Attica after the great constitutional changes that led to democracy at the end of the 6th c. BC) Rodica URSU NANIU, Andrei COROBCEAN Les métamorphoses de l'existence: vie et mort dans l'enceinte gétique de Stolniceni (Hancesti district, Republic of Moldova) Varbin VARBANOV Researched Late Hellenistic sites in Northeastern Bulgaria. The case-study of the Sexaginta Prista site - a settlement or the cult place? *** Colloquium Program *** Buzau County Museum publications


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