Mousaios XVIII

30,00 she


Year of publication: 2013
Publishers: Valeriu Sârbu and Sebastian Matei


Valeriu SÎRBU Introduction Valeriu SÎRBU, Maria-Magdalena ȘTEFAN Gender Studies in East-European Archeology - Introducing a Conference Daniel COSTACHE The State of Research on the Funerary finds from the Bronze Age in the area of the Curvature Subcarpathians (Buzău County) Nona PALINCAŞ Animals and the making of gender in the later period of the Monteoru culture (Subcarpathian Arc between ca. 1700 and 1500 cal BC) Cristian SCHUSTER, Alexandra COMŞA Gender and funerary inventory in the Bronze Age of Southern Romania. An archaeological and anthropological approach Marija LJUŠTINA, Katarina DMITROVIĆ Middle Bronze Age tumular graves in the Kablar Range, West Serbia - gender perceived as physical condition and social construct Davide DELFINO Exceptions that prove the rule: Unusual graves in the Bronze Age of South-Western Europe Miloš JEVTIĆ Some remarks on sex determination in the Central Balkans Late Bronze Age necropoles with cremation burials Ion NICULIŢĂ, Andrei NICIC Funeral practices in the site of the first Saharan Iron Age - Dealul Mănăstirii Ion NICULIŢĂ, Aurel ZANOCI Some considerations on funeral practices, rites, and rituals in communities of Middle Dniester Region Oleksandr MOGYLOV The barrows of the West Podolian Group of the Scythian Period Lyubava KONOVA Funeral rites in the necropolis of Apollonia Pontica. An attempt at reconstruction Diana GERGOVA The Thracian Bessi. Main Characteristics of the Culture of a Priestly-Warrior Tribe Iosif Vasile FERENCZ A Historiographycal Approach to Gender Determination of the Early and Middle La Tène Transylvanian Graves Katarzyna BUJARSKA, Tomasz BOCHNAK SYMONENKO Trade and Trophy: Near East Imports in the Sarmatian Culture Liana OȚA, Valeriu SÎRBU, Sebastian MATEI „Male” and „female” grave-goods in Sarmatian tombs found in Wallachia *** Colloquium Program *** Buzau County Museum publications

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