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TO VALERIU, AT HIS 70TH ANNIVERSARY! (Cristian Schuster) 9
VALERIU SÎRBU - List of books and studies 17
Alexandru BERZOVAN, Angela SIMALCSIK, Adela KOVÁCSThe Iron Age necropolis of Strahotin - Ponoare, Dângeni commune, Botoșani County (5th - 4th century BC) 55
Katarina DMITROVIĆ, Marija LJUŠTINAThe Abundance Revealing Status? First Iron Age Princely Necropolises in Western Serbia and their Relation to the Common Funerary Practice 103
Olena DZNELADZE The tomb of noble girl on the necropolis Chervony Mayak 115
Alin FRÎNCULEASAContributions regarding the Middle Bronze Age period in northern Muntenia  127
Lyubava KONOVAMarkers of social identity from Early Iron Age Burials in Thrace. Notes on the grave goods from a 'warrior's grave' in the area of Maritsa valley  145
Marija LJUŠTINA, Katarina DMITROVIĆThe Role of Amber in Forming the Social Identity of the Bronze Age Communities in Western Serbia Revealed through Funerary Practices 159
Dragoș MĂNDESCUOld finds, new approaches. A possible marker of mounted warriors in Ferigile Group  173
Ion NICULITA, Andrei COROBCEAN - Social status and prestige reflected in the funeral rite and ritual of the communities that inhabited the area between the Prut and the Dniester in the second half of the 1st millennium BC 189
Liana OȚA, Valeriu SÎRBUFunerals and Social Status at the Sarmatians from a Border Area - Wallachia and Moldavia  197
Aurel RUSTOIU, Iosif Vasile FERENCZCraftsmanship and identity. Tools and utensils in La Tène graves from the eastern Carpathian Basin 221
Cristian SCHUSTER, Dumitru HORTOPANAbout the funerary customs from the hilly and mountaineous region of northern Oltenia in the Bronze Age  235
Vitalii S. SINIKA, Sergey D. LYSENKO, Sergey N. RAZUMOV, Nikolai PTELNOV Barrow 17 of the “Sluiceway” group in the Lower Dniester and “empty” Scythian kurgans of the North Black Sea region 261
Valeriu SÎRBU, Marian NEAGOEDacian Funerary Findings (2nd-1st c. BC) from Floresti, Mehedinți County  275
Valeriu SÎRBU, Lucica SAVU, Diana DĂVÎNCĂDacian Graves (2when – 1st centuries BC) at Rotbav in South-Eastern Transylvania 305
Alexandra COMŞAAnthropological data regarding the Dacian (II-I c. BC) funerary finds from Rotbav, Braşov County  343
Adrian BĂLĂȘESCU - La fauna of the Dacian tombs (IIème-Ier s. av. J.-C.) of Rotbav (dep. of Braşov) 363
Valeriu SÎRBU, Sebastian MATEIDacian residential centers (davae) and tumuli graves East of the Carpathians (1st c. BC - 1st c. AD)  369
Alexander SYMONENKOThe Late Scythians and Sarmatians: allies or vanquished? 407
Aurelia ZANOCI, Michael KNOCK ON The challenge of social markers: archeology of death and mortuary practices in Early Iron Age in the Middle Dniester Region  425