The Carpathian-Danubian-Pontic space in the millennium of great migrations

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Author: Dan Gh.Teodor
Year of publication: 2003






Continuity, Romanization and Christianity in the Danube area
Ethnicity of the Dridu culture
Some considerations regarding the end of the formation process of the Romanian people
Geto-Dacian traditions in the material culture and spiritual life of the VX centuries in Romania
Funeral rites and rituals east of the Carpathians in the V-XI centuries
The indigenous population north of the Lower Danube in the VIe-ARE YOU COMINGe us
Eastern Carpathian society during the second half of the first millennium BC
Workshops for processing Christian objects on the territory of Moldova in the VI-VIII centuries
Some considerations on the Daco-Roman and ancient Romanian population north of the Lower Danube in the IVe-Xe centuries
The Carpathian-Dniester regions in the VX centuries AD.
Some considerations concerning the evolution of the local civilization of the Ve-ARE YOU COMINGe centuries AD in the extra-Carpathian regions
Contributions to the knowledge of the village community from the millennium of the great migrations
Preliminaries of the old Romanian culture
The Romanianness of the Carpatho-Dniester space
Some views on the first millennium AD north of the Lower Danube

Byzantium and the Lower Danube regions
The early feudal treasure of ornaments discovered in Voinesti-Iasi
Ornaments from the early feudal treasury discovered at Oteleni (Husi district, Iasi region)
The treasure from Raducaneni-Iasi
The Eastern Carpathian regions and Byzantium in the 5th-11th centuries AD
Considerations regarding the Roman-Byzantine fibulae from the V-VII centuries in the Carpatho-Danubian-Pontic space
Byzantine garments from the 6th-8th centuries in the Carpatho-Danubian-Pontic area
Byzantine elements and influences in the civilization of the VIe-ARE YOU COMINGe centuries after J.Chr. north of the Lower Danube
"Digitized" buckles from the 6th-7th centuries in the Carpatho-Danubian-Pontic area
Earrings with a star pendant from the 6th-8th centuries AD in the Carpatho-Danubian-Pontic area
Roman-Byzantine Christian imports north of the Lower Danube
Considerations regarding some Byzantine imports to the north of the Lower Danube in the V-VII centuries AD.
Byzantine medallions with Christian symbols of the IVe-ARE YOU COMINGe centuries of the Carpatho-Danubian-Pontic space

Natives and foreigners at the dawn of the Middle Ages
The penetration of Slavs in the regions of SE Europe according to archaeological data from the eastern regions of Romania
Origins and routes of penetration of the Slavs south of the Lower Danube (VIe-ARE YOU COMINGe centuries)
Some considerations regarding the origin and culture of the ancients
The Slavs north of the Lower Danube in the 6th-7th centuries AD.
Natives and Slavs in the Carpatho-Danubian-Pontic area in the 6th-8th centuries AD.
Slavic elements of the VIe-VIIIe centuries BC north of the Lower Danube
Some considerations concerning the Slavs of the Carpatho-Danubian territory during the VIe-ARE YOU COMINGecenturies ne

High feudalism in the territory of Moldova in the light of archaeological data
The fortified settlements of the eastern Carpathian regions of Romania in the VIIIe-Xe centuries of our era
Some clarifications regarding the period of the VIII-XI centuries on the Romanian territory
A Romanian principality east of the Carpathians in the IX-XI centuries AD
Economic links between the eastern Carpathian regions and the Arab Orient in the 9th-10th centuries AD
Some aspects regarding the relations between Romanians, Byzantines and Bulgarians in the IXe-Xe centuries n.è.
Ethno-demographic aspects of continuity east of the Carpathians in the V-XI centuries en
Nomadic elements from the 6th - 8th centuries AD in the eastern and southern regions of the Carpathians
Chronological and cultural details regarding two early feudal pieces from the Muntenia Plain
Early medieval fortified settlement of Dersca-Botosani
The cave inscriptions from Cotârgasi-Suceava
Early medieval axes in the Carpathian-Dniester regions


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